Sunday, June 28, 2009


So I know I haven't been very diligent with postings lately (does anybody read this other than me?) but this should bring you up to speed...So Monday was the video shoot for Terry Lynn's' "Jamaican Girls," shot by Director Nabil Elderkin ("Paranoid," and "Champion" by Kayne West, Black Eyed Peas "Like That") and styled by me. It was a bit of a crazy day starting at 8:30 am trying to get in all my showroom pieces and ending at 1:30 am. I styled about 20 extras too, so it was a bit insane. Luckily my friend Jen was there helping with casting and Cyd and the girls stopped by later. Here's a sneak peak----->

Extras covered in neon body paint under the black light for the club scene (...was left spot cleaning some of the rental pieces all the next morning)

Terry in her first look, a chain top which weighed about 10 lbs....(photos courtesy of Worship Worthy)

The next day I came home to a surprise in the mail, my issue of Spurr was in! I flipped through to somewhere in the middle to find the pics I had shot with a contributing editor a month ago. I normally hate how I look in photos but they were actually not half bad!

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